History Timeline


JAN 1963       Seoul Engine Bearing Manufacturing Company established in Daebang-dong,                     Gwanak-gu, Seoul

JUN 1966       Improved Aluminum Alloy Bearing (Patent No. 1946)

NOV 1966     Received the Ministry of Commerce & Industry’s Best Invention Prize

JAN 1968      Moved to Noryangjin-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

JUL 1974        Sister company, Seoul Sintered Metal Co., Ltd. Established

                   Moved to larger manufacturing facility in the Third Estate of the Korean Export                     Industrial Complex in Seoul 

                    International exporting of products commenced

OCT 1974      Approved as a quality control standard enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce &                     Industry

JAN 1975       Certified by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry as an automotive parts supplier

AUG 1976      Approved as a supplier of specialised parts to the machinery industry of Korea

MAR 1978      Korean Standard (KS) mark acquired

AUG 1980      Improvement of the high-lead alloy lining process

APR 1981        Improvement of the “Cast Tri-Metal” process (Patent No. 9641)

JUL 1981        Machinery and engineering support provided to client for set-up of engine bearing                     plant in Pakistan

JUL 1983        First Korean company to be awarded contract to provide bearings (previously                     imported) for Military M-47 Tank engine

DEC 1984      EMD 645-E Diesel Locomotive engine bearing localised

MAR 1986     Awarded the “Iron Tower Medal” by the Government for contributions to Korean                     industry

MAY 1995      Relocated to Hoengseong complex

FEB 1997       Awarded contract to provide bearings for Military M-48 Tank engine

MAY 1998      Improvement of Flange Bearing Process (Patent No. 147919)

DEC 1999      Received ISO 9002 Certificate

JAN 2000      Incorporated as Best Metal Works Co., Ltd.

JUN 2001      Received “Model Enterprise” award

DEC 2008     Received ISO 9001 Certificate

DEC 2009     Received KS Q ISO 9001 Certificate

FEB 2010       Introduction of raw material processing in-plant

JUL 2010       Cold-roll cladding mill production line completed

JAN 2013       Celebrated 50 Year Anniversary

DEC 2015      Upgrade of sintering process through use of Batch Sintering Furnaces